Verifast™: Palm Authentication from Fiserv is a powerful biometric authentication solution that helps financial institutions mitigate fraud, reduce transaction times and enhance the branch experience by putting fast, efficient and accurate authentication in the palm of the accountholder's hand.

Verifast: Palm Authentication uses the latest biometric technology to verify a customer's or member's identity. Accountholders scan their palm over an infrared sensing device to verify their identity. Authentication occurs instantly and the teller can proceed with the transaction without having to check physical forms of identification or the verbal exchange of sensitive information.

The solution also enhances a financial institution's efficiency by reducing keystrokes, eliminating search screens and inaccurate selections, minimizing errors and speeding transactions. Verifast: Palm Authentication allows tellers to spend more time interacting with customers or members and less time examining forms of identification.

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Reduce the risk of fraud, enhance service delivery and increase productivity with Verifast™ from Fiserv, the award-winning biometric solution that provides efficient and accurate authentication for consumers and employees.

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