Tirdad Shojaie, head of Product, Marketing and Business Strategy for Investment Services at Fiserv, discusses the increasing importance of Unified Managed Household as a demand that must be met to deliver goal-based investing.

Clients expect that financial advisors will provide effective management of their assets through sound goal-based advice. Unified Managed Household (UMH) offers the ability for advisors to bring goal-based advice to clients across the entire household with ease of administration for full transparency of their investments. This has become increasingly important to investors who are looking to efficiently manage and understand their assets and liabilities. UMH has become an expectation built into the mindset of client investors with the demand for financial advisors to deliver a comprehensive solution.

At Fiserv, we’re providing technology to support and enable our clients so that they can better serve theirs. By leveraging our bank solutions, we’re able to offer a more complete solution to the end investor.

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