Fiserv provides a unified solution that simplifies the billing and payment life cycle, resulting in accelerated revenue collection and improved customer engagement with reduced complexity, regulatory risk and cost.

Fiserv unites its industry-leading point offerings to create SmartStream Advantage, a unified, configurable, end-to-end billing and payment solution to meet the needs of the market. After you send your data to Fiserv, Fiserv will:

  1. Prepare the data for the creation of the bill, including messaging
  2. Present the bills in printed and digital formats to customers through the mail and electronically to your website and to bank channels
  3. Allow consumers to pay through the most channel payment options
  4. Protect with best-in-class fraud, risk management and reconciliation solutions

Key Features

  • One consistently branded, yet personalized, user experience across all customer channels
  • Unification across physical and digital communications, from print to biller direct e-bills and through e-bill distribution at bank websites
  • Multichannel print, digital billing and payment capabilities, including the ability to accept debit, credit card and ACH payments as well as cash at walk-in locations
  • Secure payments, money management ecosystem from Fiserv
  • Best-in-class financial fraud management

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