Fiserv provides a unified solution to insurance companies that simplify the billing and payment life cycle, resulting in speeding revenue collection and improving policyholder engagement with reduced complexity, regulatory risk and cost.

Today's policyholders expect billing and payment options in step with the way they live and work. You understand the importance of balancing policyholder demands with your own business objectives, such as improved policyholder engagement, accelerated revenue collection, and greater cost and regulatory controls. Fiserv provides a unified offering that simplifies your billing and payment life cycle.


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Meeting Millennial Expectations for Insurance Billing and Payments

Millennials are officially the most populous generation and your largest customer segment. If you don't meet their expectations for convenient billing and payments, they'll find someone who will.

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On-Time Insurance Payments Made Easier

Policyholders say their No. 2 concern related to billing and payments is being late with their payment. Chasing overdue payments costs you money and causes customer friction.

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