TransferNow®: Instant Transfers and TransferNow: Next-Day Good Funds from Fiserv help financial institutions eliminate credit risk, and significantly reduce outbound returns.

Consumers expect real-time access to their money. TransferNow: Instant Transfers delivers a competitive advantage to financial institutions. Leveraging NOW® Network for instant transfers, funds move between two accounts in real time. Consumers can also add their debit cards and transact instantly between their accounts and the external debit card through NOW Network.

TransferNow: Next-Day Good Funds eliminates the credit risk for the financial institutions by debiting the instant-enabled account in real time. The credit is sent next day via ACH.


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The Next Generation of Account-to-Account Transfers

TransferNow® from Fiserv allows you to enhance your online offerings and strengthen relationships by offering accountholders the flexibility to manage their money as they see fit.

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