RemitStream® Retail Lockbox services process payments accompanied by machine-readable remittance coupons. The coupons enable high-speed, automated processing, which improves information processing accuracy. Example payments include consumer loan payments and utility payments.

RemitStream Retail Lockbox services process payments that are accompanied by machine-readable coupons. Approximately 90 percent of the retail lockbox payments received at our lockbox processing sites include these coupons. The coupons enable processing in a high-speed, automated environment, which improves information processing accuracy. Examples may include property management payments, consumer loan payments and utility payments.

Benefits to your financial institution include:

  • More accurate, more consistent and higher quality lockbox processing
  • Increased fee-based revenues
  • Expanded lockbox services
  • Increased deposits
  • Improved customer relationships
  • Reduced capital expenditures

Benefits to your customers include:

  • Faster, more accurate collections process
  • Reduced mail float
  • Accelerated cash flows
  • Flexible, customized service
  • Faster access to receivables information for improved customer service
  • Access to Web-based images same-day with RemitStream Receivables Online
  • Access to an image archive for storage and research with RemitStream Image Lockbox
  • Timely reporting with a variety of delivery options


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RemitStream Retail Lockbox

RemitStream® Retail Lockbox from Fiserv supports the efficient processing of low-dollar consumer-to-business payments accompanied by machine-readable documents.

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