RemitStream® Healthcare Lockbox from Fiserv enables providers to post their accounts receivable automatically and improve cash flows without revamping their whole revenue cycle.

Now that healthcare providers have the opportunity to use electronic remittance advices (ERAs) to reduce paper processing, the number of paper EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) is on the decline.

To continue reducing their posting expenses, healthcare providers now want to convert their remaining paper EOBs into ERAs and use a HIPAA-mandated file or the ANSI 835 ERA (835). Providers are seeking an allpayer solution in an 835 file that they can post automatically. Through a healthcare lockbox, they hope to reduce their manual posting costs and manage all their paper and electronic remittance transactions by consolidating them into a single data stream.


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RemitStream Healthcare Lockbox

The healthcare revenue cycle is long and tedious – requiring multiple steps for healthcare providers. The complexity of this process builds a strong case for RemitStream® Healthcare Lockbox services from Fiserv, which simplify and expedite every step of the collection cycle.

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