Price Optimization Solution from Fiserv mitigates merchant attrition by offering clients optimal pricing proposition. The acquirers get access to latest demand modeling, forecasting and price optimization algorithms – tailored to their unique business needs by our team of pricing experts.

Pricing optimization engine mines historical merchant turnover behavior through application of advanced analytical methods to uncover patterns in merchant reaction and appetite to price changes. The solution identifies high risk merchants and room for price change to offer them optimal pricing recommendations, with the objective of reducing churn and increasing profitability.


  • Understand your portfolio to discover growth potential and identify opportunity areas
  • Analysis of portfolio across multiple dimensions of size (sales, turnover), tenure, merchant category and transactions
  • Statistical algorithms to identify price elasticity for each merchant in your portfolio and calculate their risk of attrition
  • Tailored pricing recommendations for each merchant based on their risk of attrition and appetites for price change to recover money left on the table because of excessive discounts

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