Known for its robust functionality and scalability, Premier® from Fiserv is the bank platform of choice for a wide range of financial institutions with diverse goals, customers, technology strategies and operating environments.

By choosing the Premier bank platform, you have a tremendous breadth of functionality at your fingertips with all the benefits of open integration. The stability and reliability of Premier products and processes are proven, based on decades of partnership with thousands of financial institutions and hundreds of third-party vendors.

Open integration to an extensive set of best-in-class Fiserv solutions and flexible deployment options make this solution as versatile as it is reliable.


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Premier Bank Platform

America's bankers have long relied on the Premier® bank platform from Fiserv to help them increase operational efficiency, comply with regulations, minimize risk and gain new business insights. More U.S. financial institutions use Premier than any other account processing platform, in part because it is designed by bankers, for bankers.

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