Financial institutions are challenged to meet consumer expectations for a real-time payments experience. With the Popmoney personal payment service, delight consumers with Instant Payments, a new value-added feature offering real-time funds delivery.

Why would payments need to get there immediately? Popmoney Instant Payments provides the ability to deliver funds in real time using an email address, mobile phone number or recipient account information. Use the Instant Payments feature for long distance emergencies, overdue personal payments, paying a service provider and much more. For example:

  • A child is away at college and needs money ASAP for books or tuition
  • The rent payment is late and needs to get there now
  • A last-minute birthday gift
  • A service provider, like lawn maintenance, who is accustomed to cash payments


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Whether it's to repay a friend for tickets to the big game, add funds to a college student's checking account – even pay the rent, people today are looking for faster and easier ways to manage personal payments. Popmoney® personal payment service from Fiserv offers a proven solution.

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