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Point of View Papers

Get inside the minds of Fiserv thought leaders as they share their perspectives on how industry changes and tech trends are shaping our future.

Winning the Business: How to Attract and Retain Business Customers

August 2013

Financial institutions can compete effectively in the business market if they understand their opportunities and identify new ways to deliver value.

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The Digital Transformation: Empowering Consumers and Businesses Through Technology Innovation

September 2011

The digital age is here. Embracing new digital technologies can help save money, provide transparency and maximize growth. Learn how the digital transformation has already empowered both financial institutions and the government.

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Credit Scoring Evolves to Meet New Risk Challenges

September 2012

Credit scoring is in the midst of its own particular evolution, especially as it relates to automotive financing. By looking at the way factors such as changing demographics, shifting prioritization and new driver preferences impact credit scoring, automotive financers can better understand how to operate in the new world of credit financing and identify new indicators of credit worthiness that can help them navigate the muddy waters of automotive financing today.

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Transparency in Default Servicing: Better Data, Better Decisions

December 2012

Learn how creating a transparent environment in your servicing operation allows regulators, investors and borrowers to have a better understanding of the decisions being made.

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Mobile Deposits: Changing the Way Everyone Will Bank

October 2012

Remote deposit capture, long tied to the PC and desktop scanner, has arrived at its ultimate destination – anywhere, anytime check deposits tied to highly popular mobile banking functionality, utilizing the must-have, do-everything smartphone. Learn why mobile deposit attracts desirable consumer and small business market segments, and offers financial institutions of any size another way to attract and retain deposits.

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What’s Next for Financial Planning Technology?

Over the last several years, virtually every financial services firm has been affected by advancements in technology. As the industry demands greater efficiency and smarter ways to compete, advisors are turning to tablets, mobile devices and integrated technologies.

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Mobile Payments Not a One-Size-Fits-All Proposition

January 2012

In this POV, Calvin Grimes, Manager of Mobile Solutions at Fiserv, shares his views on what the eventual end state of the mobile payments ecosystem will look like, and how financial institutions can position themselves now for success in the future.

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Lessons in Efficiency Learned from the Best Banks on Main Street

September 2011

Discover tips from some of the best, most efficient banks on Main Street.

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The Convergence Requirement: Creating New Challenges and Opportunities for Industry Participants

June 2011

As the lines between bank and brokerage blur, the industry is now in motion to make the necessary shifts to accommodate a new, converging world. It also makes sense that the industry must do a better job of serving investors, who are struggling to make sense of what they own, they owe and what they must now do differently to achieve their financial goals.

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