Notifi℠ opens a world of possibilities with real-time, two-way actionable alerts. Hear from two Fiserv clients as they share the greatest benefits to their customers and their organizations.

"Notifi will be key in retaining customers in the future, but also in attracting millennial customers. We're hearing from customers that real time is almost an expectation in today's world. So, it's not just the millennials. It's really all age segments of our customers," said Lisa Harris, first vice president, chief operating officer, Home Federal Bank.

Notifi offers the convenience and immediacy that customers are looking for in their daily lives, and financial institutions can gain significant efficiencies in their customer service processes.

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Notifi℠ from Fiserv delivers real-time alerts from multiple systems, including account processing and online banking, to any device or system based upon the financial institution and its customers' or members' preferences.

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