LoanCompleteTM from Fiserv automates many steps in UCD preparation and delivery, removing manual data entry and stare-and-compare data validations to accelerate UCD readiness and eliminate costly programming.

Let process automation with LoanComplete eliminate the costly, cumbersome and error-prone manual data entry and stare-and-compare data validations required to meet the GSE mandate for UCD delivery. LoanComplete accelerates your UCD readiness, eliminates costly programming, and allows you to focus on your core business.

  • LoanComplete supports UCD preparation and delivery with:
  • Automated borrower and seller CD classification and data extraction
  • Internal and 3rd party TRID compliance checking (optional)
  • Centralized exception management workflow (for TRID and GSE feedback)
  • MISMO/UCD formatting and packaging with appropriate documentation
  • Transmission to the GSE of your choice

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