Outsourcing Integrated Currency Managerâ„¢ from Fiserv ensures optimal cash levels at your institution's ATMs and branches to maximize cash availability for customers and improve the financial institution's overall cash position for capital investment.

Correctly managing the supply chain and accurately forecasting cash requirements can be difficult, time consuming, error prone and expensive. Cash optimization outsourcing of Integrated Currency Manager (ICM) provides the comprehensive cash forecasting and management solution required to ensure world-class customer service without sacrificing profitability and control. Read this fact sheet to learn more about the specific key services ICM can bring to the table and the realized benefits.


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Integrated Currency Manager

Integrated Currency Managerâ„¢ from Fiserv uses advanced cash forecasting, transportation analysis and business intelligence analytics to automate cash supply chain management end to end, delivering the right amount of cash to ATMs and branches for your customers at the lowest cost.

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