Instant Issue Advantage: Equipment provides the tools to offer a Visa® or Mastercard® branded card, personalized with the cardholder's name and permanent account number (PAN), with unembossed (flat print) cards.

The ability to instantly issue permanent payment cards in your branches improves customer experiences, raises activation and usage rates, and differentiates your financial institution. Empower your cardholders by giving them an activated, ready-to-use payment card.

Key Benefits

  • Easy in-house production and issuance of all card types including credit and debit, ATM, gift, payroll, photo and EMV® cards
  • Seamless integration with your core processing system and central card issuance facility
  • Comprehensive support for a customized, strategic solution including central issuance, instant issuance or a strategic combination of the two
  • One source for in-branch card fulfillment including hardware, software and supplies
  • Compliance with Mastercard and Visa reporting requirements and standards
  • Built-in troubleshooting software, easy to use configuration tools and equipment replacement programs to maximize card fulfillment capabilities and prevent delays

EMV is a registered trademark or trademark of EMVCo LLC in the United States and other countries.


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Voice of the Instant Issue Advantage Client: The Fiserv Experience

In our interconnected world, consumers expect financial services that adapt to the way they live and work. Fiserv helps our clients create intelligent experiences for their customers through integrated, intuitive solutions aligned with consumer expectations.

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Voice of the Instant Issue Advantage Client: Fiserv as an Innovator

Fiserv is committed to delivering the right solutions in step with the way consumers live and work today. Instant Issue Advantage™ from Fiserv enables the issuance of ATM, debit or credit cards instantly in branch locations.

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