Consumers are moving more of their financial activities online, yet they are reluctant to transition to electronic bills. Billers with high e-bill adoption rates reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction related to convenience, financial management and environmental benefits.

Although e-bills have been available for more than a decade, 76 percent of all bills are still delivered via paper, according to a 2014 Blueflame Consulting study. Gains are being made, however. According to the Seventh Annual Billing Household Survey from Fiserv, of the consumers who pay bills online through their financial institution and are aware that their bank or credit union offers e-bills, approximately two-thirds receive at least one e-bill, up slightly from the previous year.

Over the next five years, 11 billion transactions will shift from paper to electronic delivery models, according to industry estimates. Based on extensive research, the latest industry trends and proven best practices, Fiserv has identified four proven methods to increase electronic billing and payment adoption, using both online and offline channels: website optimization, social media marketing, print messaging and customer service representative training.


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