Multiple issues prevent asset managers from scaling up their businesses: the absence of standardization, multiple points of access, and the inefficient exchange of data to and from sponsors. Fiserv solves these challenges by digitizing the delivery of data.

Managed accounts are expected to grow at an average of 16% annually to more than $7 trillion in assets under management by 2018. The majority of that growth will be on the sub-advised separately managed and unified managed accounts side, with substantial gains expected in model portfolio growth.
With that growth comes the need for better standardized digital connectivity in support of managed accounts and model delivery programs. The industry's many inefficiencies, including manual and repetitive processes across different systems, negatively affect revenue and business growth. Fiserv delivers new digitized solutions through our Wealth Management Network to help the industry solve these challenges.


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Managed Accounts

Fiserv enables you to deliver optimal precision, efficiency and flexibility across multiple managed-account programs, asset types, investment products and strategies all from a single integrated platform.

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Wealth Management Network

Wealth Management Network from Fiserv is one of the managed account industry's most expansive networks of managed account data and connectivity. It brings together asset managers and sponsors to perform all necessary business functions to support the industry.

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