Fulton Financial Corporation needed an account analysis solution that could provide support at a holding company level, simplify reporting and generate income. Weiland Account Analysis™ from Fiserv delivered this, plus customized reporting ability and personalized service.


Fulton Financial Corporation needed a commercial account analysis solution to support its growing size as well as retain one of its largest customers.


The bank implemented Weiland Account Analysis from Fiserv, which allowed it to manage reporting at the holding company level, tier earnings credits and meet customer requirements.

Proof Points

With Weiland Account Analysis, Fulton Financial Corporation was able to:

  • Increase revenue by an expected $100,000 per year
  • Provide one of its largest customers with a required monthly file, retaining a significant amount in annual revenue
  • Simplify maintenance of separate rates and fees for all of its affiliate banks
  • Develop customized reports and tools that saved time during monthly analysis

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Weiland Account Analysis

Weiland Account Analysis™ from Fiserv streamlines the complex task of commercial account analysis and billing to meet the needs of your commercial customers and ensure the profitability of those relationships.

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