FTF News reports on the recent upgrades to Unified Wealth Platform from Fiserv, including new options for customized dashboards and advisor tools that support both rep-as-portfolio manager or rep-as-advisor programs.

 Fiserv reports that the platform enhancements are intended to benefit:

  • Broker-dealers that need operational efficiency improvements "across their managed account businesses with advisor capabilities available from the Unified Wealth Platform"
  • Asset or model managers that need to increase distribution opportunities "as more financial advisors migrate" to the platform
  • Financial advisors that need to "streamline workflow through enhanced portfolio management and trading tools, and manage full-discretion and nondiscretionary accounts on a single platform"
  • And investors that need "greater clarity, insight and efficiency from their advisors when they leverage the new tools"


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Fiserv enables you to deliver optimal precision, efficiency and flexibility across multiple managed-account programs, asset types, investment products and strategies all from a single integrated platform.

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