Managing Money in a Fast-Paced World

Staying in step with the way people manage their money is more critical than ever. When it comes to their financial well-being, people are concerned. They’re looking for tools – such as mobile debit and credit card controls – that make moving and managing money safe and convenient. For more data on household financial trends, download our new paper, 2017 Expectations & Experiences: Household Finances.

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About Expectations & Experiences

Conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Fiserv, Expectations & Experiences is one of the longest running surveys of its kind and builds on years of longitudinal consumer survey data. The survey provides insight into people's financial attitudes and needs, enabling organizations to design and drive adoption of services that improve consumer financial health, loyalty and satisfaction.


Survey questions to respondents who use credit cards and/or debit cards and have smartphones: If available, how interested would you be in doing the following (use my smartphone to respond to credit card/debit card fraud alerts, receive an alert on my smartphone whenever I use my credit card/debit card to quickly identify fraudulent transactions) to help prevent fraud on your credit card or debit card?

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