Once ESL Federal Credit Union entered the business banking market, it needed more intensive account analysis functionality to position itself as a trusted financial advisor to its customers. Weiland Account Analysis™ from Fiserv offered ESL the capability to exceed its members’ needs.


As part of its effort to expand business banking sales and offer members first-rate cash management products and services, ESL Federal Credit Union needed a robust account analysis tool to provide members a complete view of their banking activities.


ESL implemented Weiland Account Analysis, providing members with customized, branded statements, as well as modeling and forecasting abilities, exception pricingmanagement, analytics, tiered earnings rates and a dividend-bearing analysis product.

Proof Points

With Weiland Account Analysis, ESL has been able to:

  • Grow the number of members with analyzed accounts by 405 percent, increasing analyzed account balances by 1,181 percent; this resulted in a 1,000 percent increase in annualized fee income with the expectation to double that amount within several months
  • Easily integrate third-party cash management systems into the Weiland Account Analysis interface
  • Attract prospective members with the ability to provide them with modeling and forecasting statements
  • Successfully compete with larger regional financial institutions

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Weiland Account Analysis

Weiland Account Analysis™ from Fiserv streamlines the complex task of commercial account analysis and billing to meet the needs of your commercial customers and ensure the profitability of those relationships.

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