As financial institutions continue to transition to new card issuance models, the financial industry has developed solutions to personalize cards in-branch. With global adoption of EMV chip technology, chip cards are more expensive, and personalization has become more complex.

This paper summarizes industry-recommended best practices when transitioning a financial institution’s existing instant issuance solution to an EMV chip instant issuance program. Key risks and suggested risk mitigation steps are also outlined. During each of the planning, development and go live phases, the primary stakeholders and key considerations of the project are noted and expanded upon.

Additional benefits of an instant issuance solution include the in-person customer experience which enables the customer service representative to further engage the card member, add value-added products, as well as cross sell opportunities for revenue generation.

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EMV Chip Cards

Migration to an EMV® chip card program starts with planning; we're here to walk you through the process, enabling you to deliver secure solutions your cardholders want.

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