Learn how EMV® Chip Cards from Fiserv ease the process of transitioning from mag stripe to chip-based cards.

EMV Chip Cards from Fiserv includes card program management and planning consultation, plastic procurement, card design, key management, card personalization and project implementation to ease the transition from magnetic stripe to chip-based cards.

Our customized solution includes:

  • Fully lithographed chip plastic with a customized card design suited to your financial institution or customer segment
  • Card carriers, labels and marketing materials designed to your specifications
  • Assistance with selecting operating system, chip size and authentication method
  • KMC key exchange at the issuer level
  • Card interface options, including contact or dual interface


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EMV Chip Cards

Migration to an EMV® chip card program starts with planning; we're here to walk you through the process, enabling you to deliver secure solutions your cardholders want.

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