Dover Federal Credit Union wanted to attract a younger demographic through providing better digital services. With evolving online and mobile channels, they needed a partner to help them keep up, as well as anticipate the future.

Dover Federal Credit Union wanted to provide better digital services to their mostly Baby Boomer membership base while also attracting a younger demographic. With online and mobile channels continually evolving and emerging, the credit union needed a partner who could not only help it keep up, but anticipate the future.


Dover Federal Credit Union wanted to provide a better online experience for its current members while attracting more young adults with cutting-edge digital services.


Capitalizing on its longtime successful relationship with Fiserv, Dover Federal Credit Union implemented Corillian Online® in an ASP environment as a digital foundation, and then added solutions to give members the latest online and mobile functionality. The credit union chose Mobiliti and Mobiliti: Tablet for mobile, Popmoney for person-to-person payments, and CheckFree RXP for bill pay.

Proof Points

  • The widespread adoption of not only the new online environment, but of mobile services, proves that Dover Federal Credit Union’s members appreciate the streamlined capabilities they now have. More than half of the total membership is using online banking, and another 27 percent of those online users are taking advantage of mobile options on a monthly basis. Online bill payments have also increased.

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Corillian Online

Corillian Online® from Fiserv provides banks and credit unions with a superior online banking experience that not only meets growing digital expectations of your customers but also drives value back to your bottom line.

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Consumers want anytime, anywhere financial management. With Mobiliti™ from Fiserv, you can effectively and profitably meet the demand by delivering robust functionality across a range of devices and networks – all through a low-cost, self-service channel.

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