Accounts payable processing often entails a cumbersome series of tasks that depend on many pieces of paper. Director Workflow®: Accounts Payable is a customizable template that streamlines this critical business function.

Director Workflow is a powerful tool for business processes. With the Accounts Payable template, you can tap this power to automate common accounts payable tasks. You're able to capture, route and track invoices and other documents electronically for maximum accuracy and efficiency. Benefits to your financial institution include:

  • Automate routine tasks
  • Speed up payables processing
  • Encourage approval follow-through with built-in e-mail reminders
  • Track documents through the AP lifecycle
  • Facilitate review and compliance
  • See a timely and accurate picture of the payables process


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Director® from Fiserv manages virtually any document, including reports, check images, statements, notices, scanned documents and emails, helping your bank build an easily accessible information repository. This comprehensive solution contains dozens of integrated modules and works with our Premier®, Precision® and Cleartouch® account processing platforms.

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