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DigitalAccess from Fiserv helps financial institutions deliver the full range of digital banking and payment services today’s consumers demand quickly, securely and effectively.

DigitalAccess is designed to meet the needs of new or growing international institutions that want a solution with packaged functionality that is agile and readily deployable in today’s digital world.

An omnichannel solution that offers a rich digital banking platform delivered on any device – from online to smartphones and tablets, meeting the needs of retail and business clients for internationally-based financial institutions.

Key Benefits

  • One solution for all electronic banking needs delivered via four distinct channels – desktop browsers, smartphones, tablets and mobile browsers – operating on a common digital platform
  • Lower total cost of ownership by using existing technology investments: built on a Java platform, runs on Windows, Unix, iSeries and is database-agnostic
  • Packaged solution – Rich out-of-the-box functionality for both retail and corporate banking needs; highly configurable to lower deployment time to market
  • Maximum adoption potential – Runs on a wide range of devices
  • Rich user experience – Intuitive user interface and native design applications that customers demand from their digital relationships
  • Industry-standard security layers to ensure data protection
  • Regular product releases to keep the solution aligned with changing market needs
  • Operational efficiency – A single partner relationship for all channels offers operational efficiency and ensures continuity of the bank’s vision

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