Digital and mobile technologies continue to redefine consumer expectations for convenience and real-time service. In response to the growing need for quick access to cash, a host of fee-based, immediate funds-availability solutions have emerged.

Check-cashing centers, payday lenders, retailers, mobile wallet and prepaid providers and telecommunications companies are vying for their share of the market – yet most consumers say they would prefer to use an immediate-funds service offered by their own financial institutions.

The need for immediate funds access resonates across all small business and consumer segments. A Fiserv study of check-cashing behaviors found 4 in 10 consumers are interested and willing to pay for immediate funds and are, in fact, already using check-cashing outlets for this purpose.


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Immediate Funds

Immediate Funds℠ from Fiserv is an instant check cashing platform that will help you deepen relationships by offering your customers or members instant access to funds when they deposit checks through teller, mobile and ATM channels.

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