With Business Continuity Services for Precision®, satisfy regulatory requirements for disaster preparedness and be confident that your financial institution can respond quickly and effectively to unpredictable events.

Regulators require financial institutions to prepare for a variety of risks, from natural disasters, terrorist attacks and pandemics to interrupted data communications or the loss of a key employee. These risks can disrupt business and adversely affect your organization, employees and customers. Business Continuity Services for Precision from Fiserv enables your organization to resume or continue normal operations should something catastrophic occur.

Key Benefits

Business Continuity Services for Precision provides assurance that your organization can overcome the consequences of a natural or man-made disaster.

  • Satisfies regulatory requirements
  • Preserves your financial institution’s reputation and ability to operate
  • Maintains access to all software and functions
  • Ensures all services operate reliably and continuously, enabling you to serve customers in a crisis
  • Exceeds all industry standards for information security


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