Traditional dealerships continue to dominate the end of the consumer auto-buying decision journey, but the front end of that journey is transforming. Fiserv shares insights on how auto lenders can adapt strategies to capture new online applicants.

Consumers empowered by easier access to information and higher expectations require dealers and lenders to provide better integration between online entry points and in-person closing. This new, horizontally-distributed customer journey requires lenders to address three key entry points:

  • Aggregation channels
  • Indirect dealer channels
  • Direct lender channels

Lenders need a strategy to pursue profitable customers across these entry points along with a robust technological offering that integrates seamlessly with the dealership.

In this white paper Fiserv subject matter experts share:

  • How the consumer auto-buying decision journey is evolving
  • A three-step approach for lenders to bridge the digital demand gap
  • Supporting market research and insights


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