Bank of Cape Cod wanted to bring its website to the next level to increase customer engagement. The established relationship with Fiserv drove collaboration to a new, progressive website.

Bank of Cape Cod had a strong online presence but wanted to build on the foundation of their website. Bank leaders wanted to project a more progressive, interactive look and feel that embodied the bank’s vision while increasing site usability.

The bank selected a responsive design approach, which they deployed by collaborating with Web Design Services experts from Fiserv.

Proof Points
With the new responsive design of the website, Bank of Cape Cod:

  • Received positive customer feedback, since responsive design presents the website with the optimal view for the user’s device (such as PC, smartphone and tablet)
  • Gained increased visibility through more website traffic and new social media channels for the bank
  • Achieved its goal of providing a more engaging site that tied more closely to its local community

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By partnering with Fiserv, you can own a website that drives customer traffic and interaction, and sets your organization apart from the competition.

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