ATM Solutions, the largest independent operator of retail ATMs in Africa, must ensure that its network of more than 5,300 ATMs is operating at peak efficiency. Ensuring the highest availability of each machine is paramount.

ATM Solutions had outgrown its ATM management system. The company needed a more automated and cost effective solution for ATM monitoring, tracking and problem resolution.

Using Device ManagerTM from Fiserv, ATM Solutions can now manage the availability of its ATM network in a seamless, automated fashion – from fault detection to resolution and reporting. The solution delivers event-driven problem management capabilities to receive, analyze, respond to and manage critical self-service device information.


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Device Manager

Use Device Managerâ„¢ from Fiserv to improve availability and drive improved performance from your service vendors. Our automated device management system can receive, analyze, respond to and manage critical information from self-service devices, regardless of vendor.

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