Analytics and Business Intelligence services from Fiserv can help you harness the power of data using statistical and technological expertise to discover and exploit opportunities to proactively grow revenue, improve risk behaviors and reduce costs across the business.

In a highly competitive environment, your success depends on how effectively your financial institution can leverage the enormous data resources and turn it into actionable insights. Analytical solution and services from Fiserv equips you not only to understand existing opportunities but also enables to prepare strategies for future.

Key Features

  • Drive market share and merchant loyalty using our intelligent pricing optimization framework
  • Migrate paper-based payments to digital forms like online bill payment and person-to-person payments (P2P) transfers
  • Improved customer experience and revenues using Preventable Declines solution to reduce credit and debit card declines
  • Increase online and mobile banking usage by channel behavior analysis
  • Act on real-time information with the help of our powerful out-of-the-box dashboards specially designed to facilitate quick decision making


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