AllData PFM® from Fiserv provides a value-added solution that helps your customers or members acquire a complete financial picture, analyze their spending and investment portfolios, and take control of their finances.

AllData PFM provides interactive views of an individual's complete financial portfolio. These views provide the insights needed for you to uncover new opportunities and for customers or members to make well-informed financial decisions.

Key benefits of AllData PFM include: 

  • Financial Dashboard – Provide a consolidated view of online account balances across financial institutions as well as snapshots of current month cash flow, top expenses, budgets and goal status 
  • Transaction Management – Transactions are automatically categorized based on user preferences and built-in rules 
  • Budget and Goal Tracking – Monthly budgets and goals are automatically tracked against user-defined targets 
  • Reporting and Analysis – Charts, graphs and advanced search capabilities are available for those who want to create filtered reports for simplified and targeted transaction monitoring, or analyze their spending habits to set better budgets and goals
  • Customized Alerts – System alerts proactively notify customers or members of unusual activity or changed status based on user-defined thresholds and preferences


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AllData PFM

AllData® PFM from Fiserv is an account aggregation solution that offers financial institution customers a complete view of their finances, enabling them to create a complete financial portrait across all their online accounts at one or multiple financial institutions.

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