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Prepaid Solutions

With a robust prepaid program, you can gain new cardholders and build consumer loyalty. Fiserv offers prepaid processing, program management and support of prepaid cards for financial institutions.


Our Solution

Prepaid card use is growing rapidly because cards are a convenient and safe alternative to checks and cash - especially general purpose reloadable cards. Prepaid cards serve the young and unbanked/underbanked consumers not currently in the financial mainstream. Given current revenue pressures from recent interchange and overdraft regulations, being able to attract and retain more customers with a solution that can help you drive new revenues is extremely attractive.

Our prepaid cards carry the Visa® or MasterCard® brands, providing consumers with the utmost in flexibility and choice. Card buyers choose how much value to load onto a card and use them like cash wherever debit cards are accepted at the point-of-sale.

With Prepaid Solutions from Fiserv, you can acquire new accounts and generate year-round fee income. And because card buyers will identify the prepaid card and its benefits exclusively with your financial institution, you have an opportunity to establish new one-on-one relationships and connections.



Prepaid cards can help financial institutions reach and serve important consumer segments not currently in the financial mainstream.

Financial institution benefits:

  • Generate additional revenue and deposits
  • Provide prepaid accounts to consumers previously turned away
  • Market to new consumer segments
  • Elimination of paper-based systems and associated administrative costs
  • Define program features with significant flexibility
  • Add optional features such as bill pay, person-to-person money transfer and rewards
  • Implement multiple and/or tiered programs when you want

Cardholder benefits:

  • Reloadable cards can act as the equivalent of a financial institution deposit account
  • Widespread acceptance among retailers and businesses
  • Avoidance of fees from non-sufficient funds or check cashing agencies
  • Load payroll, government and other checks
  • No mandatory credit checks
  • Ability to pay bills and shop online
  • Added convenience and security - prepaid cards are easier to use than checks and safer than cash
  • Fast access to cash at participating ATMs and retail locations