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Source Capture Solutions

Source Capture Optimization® is a unique Fiserv approach to integrating your payments environment and allowing deposits to be gathered from more customer touch points. This approach helps financial institutions grow revenue and compete effectively in fiercely competitive markets.

Source Capture Solutions from Fiserv is a grouping of products designed with your deposit-gathering needs and Check 21 strategies in mind. Comprised of competitively priced, easily deployed components, Source Capture Solutions meet precise image, data capture and security requirements for any remote deposit capture (RDC) site whether it’s a business, a branch, an ATM, or a customer’s home or mobile device. Wherever there are checks, Source Capture Solutions make deposits easier and faster for your customers, and less costly for you.


Our Solution

You can deploy Source Capture Solutions offerings individually or in combination, as in-house or outsourced/ASP solutions. Fiserv provides a single platform for remote deposit capture, so you only need one way to efficiently manage check deposits.

Branch Deposits
Thousands of financial institutions are converting checks to digital format in their branches so that deposits can be cleared electronically. As a result, they have eliminated costly courier contracts, accelerated processing, and improved funds availability for their customers and members. Branch deposit solutions include branch, teller and ATM.

Retail Deposits
New technologies are enabling individuals to interact with their financial institutions remotely, at their convenience and from any location, using office scanners or smartphones. Retail solutions include consumer and mobile.

Commercial Deposits
Commercial deposit solutions for remote deposit capture allow you to accept business deposits anywhere -- helping you compete more effectively in both existing and new markets. Commercial deposit solutions include merchant, mobile, small business and remittance coupon capture.

Back Office Solutions
Our back office solutions address the workflows, exception conditions and risk mitigation processes you require and include inclearings capture, deposit returns, deposit review and extensive reporting capabilities. For larger volume capture sites we offer both central and regional capture that can offer a cost effective replacement strategy for outdated check processing systems.



Source Capture Solutions offerings are perfect for financial institutions seeking to grow revenue and compete effectively in fiercely competitive remote deposit capture (RDC) markets. The flexibility to make image-based deposits from virtually any location is helping financial institutions:

  • Take advantage of a cost-effective solution for check processing, allowing you to control your per-item costs in a declining volume environment
  • Streamline item processing, improve operational efficiency and speed up deposit processing
  • Mitigate financial fraud risk
  • Increase customer retention
  • Break free from past geographic limitations