The Popmoney® personal payment service from Fiserv allows consumers to conveniently send, receive and request money with an email address, mobile phone number or account number, eliminating the need for checks and cash.



Consumers want simple, convenient and secure ways to send, request and receive money. With Popmoney from Fiserv, a person-to-person (P2P) social payment solution, your customers and members can send and receive payments or make charitable donations as easily as sending an email or text. Popmoney offers a way for your financial institution to generate revenue, attract new accountholders and increase loyalty among existing customers or members.


Email and mobile P2P social payments are natural next steps in evolving your institution's online and mobile banking strategy. With nearly 2,400 financial institutions serving approximately 70 million online banking consumers, Popmoney provides an expansive network for delivering secure social payments.

Popmoney delivers a user-friendly experience, enabling consumers to send money directly to anyone via an account number, an email address or a mobile phone number, regardless of where the other person or business banks. Popmoney provides an easier, faster and more secure way to send money, making it just as easy to pay a person as it does to pay a bill. Sending, requesting and receiving money to and from others is now as easy as emailing and texting.



  • An innovative real-time delivery feature: The Instant Payments feature facilitates real-time payments via connections with Fiserv solutions such as Accel® and non-Fiserv networks, as well as other connection points, to deliver funds in real time – 24x7x365. Recipients have access to funds in seconds
  • Popmoney: Charitable Giving: A smart, simple and secure solution for non-profit organizations looking to accept donations online. Popmoney allows individuals to contribute to causes they care about quickly and easily and provides three simple, convenient ways for people to donate:
    • Through Popmoney at a participating financial institution
    • Using a clickable Popmoney payment button, which is easily installed directly onto charities' websites
    • By visiting and selecting their charity of choice from a directory of charity partners
  • Seamless integration with your website: Using your online banking website, customers can send money from their accounts to any other accounts. An email address, mobile phone number or account number is all that's needed
  • Many payment and integration options: Popmoney is fully integrated with many online and mobile  banking solutions from Fiserv, including CheckFree® RXP®, Corillian®, Retail Online™, Virtual Branch® and Mobiliti™, creating the convenient and seamless experience from their computers or mobile devices consumers demand
  • Industry-leading risk management: Popmoney leverages a powerful risk management platform that combines an extensive fraud detection database with authentication measures that are seamlessly integrated into the customer experience

Popmoney personal payment services offered at are provided by CheckFreePay Corporation, a licensed money transmitter, and CheckFreePay Corporation of New York, which is licensed as a Money Transmitter for payment services by the New York State Department of Financial Services.

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Popmoney: Charitable Giving Video

Popmoney: Charitable Giving can help financial institutions enhance their community appeal and deepen consumer engagement while enabling charities to broaden their donor bases and increase donations in a safe, easy and convenient way.

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Popmoney: Charitable Giving

Popmoney®: Charitable Giving can help financial institutions enhance their community appeal and deepen consumer engagement, while providing a means for charities to broaden their donor base and increase donations in a safe, easy and convenient way.

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Is this the next big thing for financial services?

Find out what service Fiserv President and CEO Jeff Yabuki thinks is going to be one of the most important for banks and credit unions to offer.

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Popmoney Instant Payments

Financial institutions are challenged to meet consumer expectations for a real-time payments experience. With the Popmoney personal payment service, delight consumers with Instant Payments, a new value-added feature offering real-time funds delivery.

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