The process of sending payments to your customers or business partners can be paper-intensive and time-consuming. Digital Disbursements from Fiserv gives you an efficient digital solution for sending customer payments quickly and securely.



Most financial institutions, businesses and government entities need to send payments to their customers, clients or business partners. These include mass payouts such as auto loan funding, insurance claims, refunds and rebates, vendor and supplier payments, and more. But printing, mailing and tracking check payments takes time and money.

Consumer expectations have surpassed the pace of innovation. Digital Disbursements makes it profoundly simple for you and your customers. Sending mass payouts is a simple and secure process that needs only basic information to facilitate a payment. There's no need for your payment recipients to provide you with their bank account information.

With Digital Disbursements, organizations can send payments that can be settled into recipient accounts in hours instead of days, while benefiting from the proven risk management and security measures accepted by thousands of financial institutions.

Sending payments is as simple as a few clicks. The organization follows established business processes for approving payments, and when payments are ready to be sent, the organization uses an application programming interface (API) to send payments. You choose the payment timing, delivery speed and send method, and Fiserv manages the payment process.

For your mass payment recipients, the process is just as smooth. Digital Disbursements ensures a consistent and optimal user experience.



  • Easy and Flexible – Multiple sending options help you deliver payments the way you prefer
  • Faster Delivery – Instant or same-day settlement improves recipient experience
  • Better Customer Service – Frictionless experience enhances recipient satisfaction
  • Cost-Efficient – Reduces paper and mail costs, and provide prompt access to funds in crucial scenarios
  • Easy to Track – Track payment activity and perform automated reconciliation, reducing manual effort
  • Works With You – It's simple to integrate into your existing processes using APIs or file transfers

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Popmoney for Disbursements Case Study

A successful Popmoney® for Disbursements pilot provided a leading insurance company the opportunity to digitize customer payments, resulting in lower costs, expedited payments and automated and accurate payment tracking capabilities.

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Popmoney for Disbursements

The process of sending payments to customers or business partners can be paper-intensive and time-consuming. Popmoney® for Disbursements from Fiserv gives you an efficient digital solution for sending payments quickly and securely.

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