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Payments Network

Accel from Fiserv is a leading debit payments and ATM network that enables financial institutions to meet the demands of consumers who expect to make payments and access funds in real time wherever, whenever and however they choose.

AccelPayments by debit and prepaid cards are a winning solution for everyone. Consumers get the ease and convenience of making payments and accessing funds wherever, whenever and however they choose, while financial institutions are able to offer a service that consumers value. Financial institutions need to provide real-time availability and functionality that embraces current technology to gain new account holders and strengthen relationships with existing ones. Fiserv can help.


Our Solution

With more than 40 years debit payments and funds access experience, AccelTM (formerly known as ACCEL/Exchange®), delivers several ways for your consumers to access their funds, make purchases, and send and receive money in real time:

  • Accel is welcomed wherever PIN debit is accepted in the U.S. and online at select e-commerce retailers
  • Accel offers the option for PINless transactions at the point of sale and online for qualifying merchants
  • Accel offers secure, convenient funds access at ATMs throughout the U.S. and Canada
  • Consumers and small businesses conduct Accel real-time payments and funds access transactions through debit, prepaid and healthcare cards in addition to credit card advances

Accel also provides the real-time infrastructure to drive these payment applications from Fiserv:

  • SpotPay™ – Small businesses get paid in real time by card, check and eBill through their mobile devices. This improves cash flow, which can result in stronger relationships between the small businesses and their financial institution members of Accel
  • Popmoney® – Consumers send and receive payments as easily as sending an email or text; your financial institution increases loyalty among existing account holders and gains a new way to generate transaction-based revenue and attract new accounts

We are working to bring you this added benefit in the near future:

  • CheckFree® RXP® – The industry's leading electronic billing and payments solution, CheckFree RXP makes the financial institution the center of consumers' money movement activities. 100 million bill payments expedited by Accel in real time has the potential to create a $500 million opportunity for financial institutions


In an increasingly digital and evolving payments environment, remain well ahead of the competition with Accel real-time enabled solutions. Accelerate payments for your organization and account holders and penetrate new, non-traditional markets while realizing these benefits:

  • Optimize revenue in an ever-evolving and competitive payments market
  • Mitigate attrition and increase revenue-producing transactions
  • Offer innovative functionality to consumers today and well into the future
  • Enhance your operational effectiveness


To learn more about how Accel powers real-time payments, call us at 800-519-8883 or visit


Fiserv Payments Network Gets New Name, New Look

Fiserv announced today that its debit payments network, formerly known as ACCEL/Exchange®, has a new name - Accel™. The new name reflects the network's ability to accelerate funds transfers across retail, biller and social person-to-person payments, and positions the network within the Fiserv portfolio of payments capabilities to create the world's leading real-time network.

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