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Intelligent Payment Management

Intelligent Payment Management from Fiserv is a collection of interoperable payment products. Each product brings immediate value and enables financial institutions to drive deeper relationships with their clients while rapidly responding to evolving payment demands across all payment channels.



Intelligent Payment Management from Fiserv is designed to combine existing and emerging payments technologies into a single cohesive experience. It provides enterprise-wide visibility into payments operations across all channels and business lines.

Intelligent Payment Management is a comprehensive collection of solutions providing new technology that renovates and complements existing mission critical systems in an operationally risk-managed approach. The solution offers enterprise-wide benefits:

Business Agility

  • Generate new revenue streams or increase margins
  • Consolidate configurable business rules
  • Quickly introduce and connect new payment methods, channels, and products

Customer Service

  • Consistent customer experience across all payment channels
  • Single, enterprise-wide  customer view
  • Payments transparency for all customers
  • Automated integration with clients' internal systems

Operational Efficiency

  • Reduce operational complexity by centralizing logic, and providing rules-driven processing
  • Increase straight-through processing (STP) rates for all payment instruments
  • Reduce costs through elimination of redundant tasks and systems

Visibility & Compliance

  • Ability to integrate all channels into single risk control (e.g. fraud prevention, AML, sanctions, etc.) tools
  • Improve controls, resilience, and recovery by sharing data enterprise-wide


Intelligent Payment Management delivers:

  • Application resiliency – Application modernization provides immediate availability of processing and flexible distribution, which balances the load across fully redundant instances 
  • A single database – Cuts information redundancy and promotes quicker response times and a more informed picture of the customer
  • Market agility – Provides improved analytics to monitor and predict evolving market drivers and client behavior. Significantly improves time to market for new product and service offerings
  • Integrated fraud detection tools – More efficient fraud management providing deeper intelligence with improved controls, resilience and recovery by housing and sharing a single source of data 
  • Platform scalability – Minimizing batch processing and maximizing processing as payments arrive in real-time
  • Simplicity and flexibility – The ability to react to evolving business and market drivers with streamlined payment functions and multiple payment types