NOW® is a Network for our World. It's an intelligent money movement network that connects financial institutions, billers, small businesses and consumers. NOW is designed to speed the movement and management of money for a need-it-now world.

The NOW Network enables the secure exchange of money and information in real time and is an integral part of delivering a profoundly simple payment experience.

We've combined three proven capabilities – bill payment (CheckFree® RXP®), person-to-person payments (Popmoney®) and account-to-account transfers (TransferNow®) – and powered them with the NOW Network's intelligent money movement to create a simple and integrated experience. Those solutions will operate on a single platform and deliver a significantly improved user payment experience that delivers speed, ease and convenience.

The NOW Network also acts as a gateway to card-based networks such as Visa®, Mastercard®, STAR®, Pulse® and Accel®, as well as noncard networks, such as Early Warning Systems, enabling real-time payment connections. Integration to the NOW Network is possible through PEP+®, additional direct-to-core options and multiple partner networks.


  • Provides the intelligence behind payment applications
  • Enables faster, more secure payments
  • Eliminates the need for paper checks
  • Helps financial institutions and billers increase digital engagement with their consumers


  • Real-time payments to more than 80 percent of all demand-deposit accounts in the U.S. gives consumers immediate access to funds
  • Good funds network is capable of eliminating credit risk on account-to-account transfers
  • Timely and relevant alerts for financial institutions and billers drive better customer relationships
  • Integrated directory for consumers increases electronic engagement
  • Enhanced fraud and risk management maximizes fraud detection and prevention by leveraging a broader range of payment transactions

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The Popmoney® personal payment service from Fiserv allows consumers to conveniently send, receive and request money with an email address, mobile phone number or account number, eliminating the need for checks and cash.

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The Central Role of Billers in the Faster Payments Revolution

Bringing greater speed, convenience and consistency to payments should be the goal of every biller. Now is the time for our industry to come together to meet consumers' expectations for payment speed, which have never been higher.

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