Digital Payments SDK enables businesses to easily accept payments from their customers through an easy to implement API-based service. The solution enables businesses with high-transaction volume, recurring and one-time payments, to receive e-check and debit transactions securely and cost effectively, while leveraging the Fiserv bank-grade security and risk management capabilities for money movement.



Businesses that collect online payments, as well as software solution providers that offer payment capabilities, can leverage Digital Payments SDK to collect one-time and subscription-based payments from their customers or end users. The SDK allows businesses to easily process payments within their existing user experience, while recognizing significant cost savings.

Digital Payments SDK enables businesses to offer a low-cost alternative payment method, reducing churn and costs associated with credit card payments, or offer a payment option to prospective customers who don't have – or choose not to use - credit cards. As an industry leader in money movement, processing more than 30 billion payment transactions and moving more than $75 trillion annually, Fiserv also provides marketing support and the latest consumer insights that help businesses drive further adoption and better connect with clients.

For more information, listen to the Enabling the Digital Economy webinar recording or read the latest blog, Seven Considerations When Choosing a Payment Acceptance Platform.



  • Easy integration. REST APIs, UI widgets and SDKs quickly connect clients to the NOW℠ Network from Fiserv and beyond
  • Industry-leading risk and fraud protection. Reduce losses from fraud and leverage bank-grade account verification and identification tools including VerifyNow™
  • PINless Debit. When a customer pays via debit card, Fiserv can determine if it qualifies for PINless Debit. Qualifying transactions are eligible for lower processing fees, leading to significant savings
  • Biller Bundle. Allows your company to be added to the Fiserv directory of billers, which is easily searchable by consumers who want to pay you through their financial instituion
  • Low cost. Priced to be very competitive compared to card-based solutions, while capable of high-volume processing on the Fiserv network
  • Speed of payment. The Fiserv network delivers next day settlement plus a road map to real-time settlement providing the fastest posting in the market
  • Drive adoption. Fiserv provides marketing tools and the latest consumer insights to help you better manage and connect with your clients
  • Money movement experts. Fiserv manages more than 30 billion digital payment transactions and moves more than $75 trillion annually, leading the financial services industry in account processing, mobile/online banking and electronic bill payments

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Digital Payments SDK Brochure

Digital Payments SDK from Fiserv is a safe, low-cost and fast digital payment processing solution for businesses that leverages the same infrastructure 4,000 banks use today and have relied on for more than 30 years.

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