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Convergent Payments Solutions

You can stay nimble and competitive in the rapidly changing payments landscape with Convergent Payments Optimization from Fiserv, a more efficient approach to multichannel payments management.

Convergent payments processing is the handling of payments of different types, such as checks, ACH and wires, on a single technology platform using a single workflow that conveys the different payment types through the usual processing steps. On a convergent platform, common processing modules and a cross-trained staff support various payment types.

Truly integrated payments processing technology does more than change the routing of  a payment or convert a payment from one instrument to another - it handles multiple payment types within a single suite of software that accomplishes the back or middle office functions for all the transactions that flow through it.

Fiserv offers banks a vision of the future that includes streamlined processing for multichannel payments - a single corridor through which all payments pass.


Our Solution

As the shift toward electronic payment systems continues, Fiserv is delivering the next generation of payments processing capabilities, enabling you to process payments, regardless of their form. Solution features include:

  • ACH risk mitigation: Fiserv helps you integrate risk mitigation procedures with ACH processing. Our solution enables analysis at file, batch and transaction levels; generates an indicator (Pass/Suspend/Reject/Alert) for the file, batch or transaction; and monitors credits and debits, forward and return items, and originating and receiving
  • Customer payments onboarding: Entering new customer profile information is an efficient, one-time process. Data entry to a single system reduces the number of errors
  • Payments data monitoring: Access your enterprise-wide payments data without disrupting your existing payments processing systems. Check processing, ACH processing and wire processing are all accessible through this monitoring tool, so you can view the complete payments landscape


Our Convergent Payments Solutions help your business in a variety of ways, including:

  • Comprehensive workflow monitoring to ensure efficient payments processing
  • Real-time alerts and exception notifications for your institution and customers
  • Revenue-generating opportunity for your institution via payments monitoring services for corporate customers
  • Seamless integration with enterprise content management and external payments systems
  • Improved workflow by streamlining many time-consuming tasks and providing appropriate controls
  • A flexible interface between ACH processing and existing enterprise risk software to facilitate error detection and fraud avoidance