Fiserv protects your organization from financial misstatements, potential write-offs and the rising costs of manual reconciliation with an integrated, enterprise approach to transactional reconciliation and certification of your organization's financial statements.



Our solution cuts through complex data to deliver needed information – clearly and quickly.

  • Real-time automated reconciliation enables you to process all transaction and account types
  • Data agnostic nature allows for effortless data collection from internal or external sources
  • Flexible, automatic matching based on the criteria you specify – including one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many items – for any type of monetary and account item in the system
  • Integrated account certification delivers a single, accurate view of the entire balance sheet, helping you achieve a clean audit trail


  • Powerful efficiency gains by adopting automated reconciliation over manual processes
  • Significant cost savings on audits by providing fully auditable, electronic access to accounts and approval, adhering to compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Dramatic reduction in write-offs driven by fully-automated, workflow-driven exception identification, automatic aging and defined escalation paths
  • Substantially fewer errors from replacing paper-based processes with automated reconciliation
  • Proven provider to thousands of billers and financial institutions, you can trust Fiserv to provide the highest level of security for your customer and business data and ensure compliance with evolving regulatory requirements


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