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Many organizations rely on multiple systems to access the data required for monthly and quarterly accounting reconciliation and daily transactional matching. Some use a manual reconciliation process that relies on error-prone spreadsheets. Exceptions are slow to resolve and it's nearly impossible to achieve the single version of the truth that finance and executive teams need.

That's why organizations worldwide use AccurateTM Reconciliation from Fiserv. It enables demonstrable operational efficiency gains over manual processing and cuts the risk of errors resulting in financial loss.


Our Solution

Accurate Reconciliation is a comprehensive, end-to-end account reconciliation and certification solution that handles all transaction types and financial instruments. The solution integrates both transaction and balance-level data and automates the entire reconciliation process from data acquisition and matching through period-end approvals and reviews.


Fully automates the reconciliation lifecycle

Improves efficiency and frees up resources for more value-added tasks. The solution significantly reduces the time to close daily and period-end reconciliation activities

Standardizes reconciliation processes

Offers transparency and visibility across all asset types and scenarios, increasing confidence in the status of reconciliations through use of a common language

Integrates balance and transaction-level data

Forms a complete account reconciliation picture that makes exceptions instantly visible, eliminates manual interventions and provides rapid, cost-effective resolutions

Enforces enterprise governance and control

Can expand within an organization regardless of assets to enforce financial controls and enable enhanced audit and compliance procedures



  • Helps to avoid restatement or correction of financial reporting
  • Reduces delay in the reporting of certified accounts
  • Gives complete and consistent information for auditors
  • Reduces deficiency findings during internal control audits
  • Ensures supporting information is accurate and delivered on time
  • Improves operational efficiency

SWIFT Accreditation

Transaction matching, reconciliation and exception management solutions from Fiserv have been accredited with the 2018 SWIFT Certified Application for Reconciliation. This maintains our track record of receiving the accreditation over many years, demonstrating that we continue to meet the stringent criteria addressing support for the SWIFT 2018 Standards Release messaging standards, services and connectivity requirements.

"This reaccreditation is a reflection of continued Fiserv investment in the Accurate Reconciliation solution to meet the SWIFT FIN message reconciliation needs of SWIFT members today, and support their adoption of the ISO20022 SWIFT MX format messages," said Clodagh Swennumson, senior product manager for Accurate, Fiserv. "We are proud to continue to work with partners such as SWIFT to provide our clients with a robust, highly configurable reconciliation solution to reduce operational and financial risk, increase transparency and improve the accuracy of financial reporting in the financial close."

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