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Campaign Manager from Fiserv enables financial institutions to target online banking marketing campaigns to the specific needs of its online customers. These campaigns can lead to improved customer satisfaction though delivery of service-oriented campaigns and improved retention rates of profitable customers by targeting them for special promotions or other value-added services.



One of the greatest challenges you face today is how to fully leverage collected consumer data to increase banking activity and generate revenue.

Campaign Manager from Fiserv is an enterprise-class solution that enables you to build and execute targeted online banking marketing campaigns to your online customers. It allows for data from various sources to be used in segmenting customers so that a variety of online marketing campaigns can be introduced to them. This is all done in real time by displaying messages in predetermined areas of your site.

The first step in ensuring a successful marketing campaign is to make the offer relevant to the customer. Campaign Manager increases your ability to offer value-added services that are specifically tailored to each individual customer's financial needs. Additionally, it increases your capacity to efficiently leverage the limited cross-sell and up-sell opportunities available by matching, in real time, financial products and services only to qualified customers. This leads to increased customer satisfaction, higher campaign conversion rates and increased revenue generation.

Campaign Manager also allows the use of up to eight test cells within each campaign, enabling sophisticated A/B testing of marketing collateral and variations of product offers. With this qualifying capability, you can build targeted campaigns to increase conversion rate and, ultimately, derive revenue from the online channel.



Campaign Manager has a breadth of features that empower you to provide the best online experience for your customers, including:

  • Robust campaign setup and management: Allows you to use data points from the core banking system, online banking platform and from uploaded databases to target specific consumers for targeted campaigns
  • Enhanced campaign control: Allows you to deploy ads through standard ad spaces as well as login/logout intercept ads
  • Multiple campaign types: Supports execution of a variety of campaign types, including: product and service promotions, customer service initiatives, announcements, partner company promotions, goodwill initiatives and informational/educational promotions
  • Efficiency and cost saving benefits: Quick set-up and delivery of campaigns based on real-time customer information.This means that campaigns can be set up and delivered to customers in less than 30 minutes over the online banking channel, as opposed to direct mail that can take days or weeks
  • Data warehouse mining and data imports: When combined with a payments warehouse application, data mining provides access to valuable information and enables you to leverage a customer's wallet share in campaigns.

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For more information on Campaign Manager and other Fiserv solutions, call us at 800-872-7882 or contact us.

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