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Meet the growing demands of your customers' mobile banking needs and rapidly achieve a compelling return on investment with Mobile Solutions from Fiserv.

Offering your customers mobile banking solutions is a necessity in order to stay competitive in the financial services industry. It is important for businesses to adopt enterprise-wide mobile financial services strategies that will enhance your customers' banking experiences and at the same time give you significant returns on your investment. More financial institutions globally and in the U.S. trust mobile solutions from Fiserv than from any other vendor.


Our Solution

We offer the industry's leading mobile banking, alerting, database access, workflow, and payments solutions, perfect for banks and credit unions of all sizes. Our solutions offer a wealth of features that lower the total cost of ownership and help you to reach more consumers, including:

  • The broadest range of mobile transactions, from simple banking inquiries to a complete set of mobile alerting and payment models, satisfying the needs of every customer segment
  • Simultaneous support of all three mobile access modes – SMS, mobile browser and downloadable application – through a single integrated platform
  • The most comprehensive enrollment and customer care tools and reporting across both the online and mobile channels
  • Enterprise-grade channel management capabilities, including service analytics, security management, diagnostic resources and tools that facilitate full integration into the financial institution's core infrastructure assets
  • Scalability to capitalize on new mobile channels, evolving technology and diverse customer segments
  • A broad range of integration and pre-integration options to reduce the implementation workload on your organization
  • Fully integrated mobile deposit
  • Mobile access to your enterprise content management to electronically review and approve documents

Our mobile solutions are recognized as the best go-to-market solutions for financial institutions that are looking to satisfy today's needs for mobile banking while supporting the evolution of their mobile channel. We have the most sustainable, market-proven solutions available as evidenced by:

  • Mobiliti™ from Fiserv Recognized as the Mobile Banking and Payments Leader by IDC MarketScape
  • Fiserv has the fastest selling mobile solutions in the market with over 2,100 financial institutions having selected our mobile solutions
  • Fiserv offers a full professional support staff to provide guidance and/or implementation expertise
  • Fiserv provides best practices that are the result of ongoing investments in user experience research and testing, technology innovation, business intelligence and operational quality


With Mobile Solutions, you'll be able to reach all your customers wherever they are. The benefits include:

  • Achieving universal reach and driving the highest levels of mobile banking, alerting and payment adoption and usage, leading to the highest strategic yield
  • Delivering the most complete mobile payments offering to your customers, including bill payments and payments at the point-of-sale
  • Opening up new market segments, including satisfying the needs of technologically savvy consumers
  • Saving money by serving consumers through the mobile channel, which costs less than traditional channels such as the branch and contact center
  • Reducing your complexity by pre-integrating our product into existing industry products and services
  • Providing the lowest possible implementation and operational risks through rigorous governance, security management and compliance measures

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Digital Solutions

Consumer expectations are moving even faster than technology. Your customers want an intuitive and rich digital experience so they can access the full range of your banking services anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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Mobile Banking is a Marathon: Financial Institutions Must Be Fit to Win

The mobile channel is here to stay, and enabling compelling mobile financial services requires discipline, planning, preparation and a sustained investment of both time and energy, much like training for a marathon.

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The Rise of the Mobivore: Serving the Mobile-Only User

Mobile-only users – or "mobivores" – are a fast growing segment in the mobile banking population. Serving the small but growing number of mobivores will require financial institutions to think differently about the mobile channel.

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The Four Pillars of Mobile Payments – Immediate Opportunities

As the trade media focuses on the still-fragmented activity in mobile proximity payments and the mobile wallet at the point of sale, financial institutions are being distracted from the real and immediate opportunities within mobile payments.

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Exceeding the Mobile Adoption Benchmark: Effective Strategies for Driving Greater Adoption and Usage

By understanding how mobile banking product attributes and marketing programs impact adoption, financial institutions can develop actionable strategies, such as target marketing and next generation product investment, to drive adoption and increase return on investment.

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Sold! Cross-Selling in the Mobile Channel

Financial institutions have an opportunity to generate added value from the mobile channel through cross-selling products. With the right tools and technologies, selling of these products via the mobile channel will grow wallet and market share.

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