More than 500 financial services organizations across the U.S. use Nautilus® from Fiserv for enterprise content and business process management that helps them provide high quality service while increasing operational efficiency and profitability.



Nautilus is a comprehensive ECM solution that banks and credit unions can use to deliver on-demand access to forms, statements, reports and documents and converts manual paper-based processes to powerful automated workflows. The solution combines capabilities such as workflow, document imaging and management, check image statements, archiving, records management and case management into one, easy-to-use system. Learn about all the available modules in the Nautilus Resource Guide.

Enterprise Content Management Process


Nautilus integrates with many account processing solutions from Fiserv to help simplify use and help you deliver high quality customer service

Whether you use DNA®, Signature®, Cleartouch®, XP2® or Spectrum®, Nautilus integrates document and content management a convenient, user-friendly format.

This fully integrated ECM solution allows you to focus your resources on activities that promote revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

Nautilus is a market-proven solution built on an award-winning technology platform. It is flexible and designed to help meet the changing needs of organizations — offering web-based and mobile access, as well as cloud or on-premises deployment options. To learn more, read our brochure.


Nautilus helps automate your processes so staff can do more … faster and easier

Nautilus helps accelerate process and task completion in both front- and back-office business areas including: customer service, lending, wealth management, human resources, accounting and e-commerce. Read our Justifying Process Automation in Banking Paper to learn more.



By using Nautilus, you can:

  • Streamline internal collaboration which can improve business efficiency
  • Accelerate task completion with real-time, anywhere secure access to content
  • Help simplify and improve regulatory compliance while mitigating risks
  • Reduce labor requirements and costs through process automation
  • Provide ease-of-use with integration to Fiserv and other leading business applications

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Nautilus Liberty Bank Case Study

Enterprise content management can deliver transformational benefits – but it requires commitment. Planning and employee engagement are as critical as the right technology. But as Liberty Bank has learned, the view is definitely worth the climb.

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With Nautilus® from Fiserv, you can organize and control all types of content across your enterprise – including initial creation, approval processing, publishing, research, archive and expiration.

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MutualBank Chooses Nautilus

MutualBank CIO Gary Kern chose Nautilus® from Fiserv to help the mortgage department automate manual loan servicing tasks and achieve dramatic time savings – setting a new standard for the entire enterprise.

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Enterprise-Wide Use of Content Management System Leads to Impressive Results

When Associated Bank needed a tool to tackle new process automations, it turned to Nautilus® from Fiserv. The bank saw Nautilus as the solution to take its content management strategy to another level, beyond gains in paperless processing.

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AMOCO Federal Credit Union Implements Nautilus Workflow Case Study

AMOCO Federal Credit Union has been in business for more than 70 years. When this thriving credit union needed to retool its contracts management process, it turned to Nautilus® Workflow Client from Fiserv.

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Firefly Credit Union Turns Months-Long Backlog Into Same-Day Processing

Firefly Credit Union leveraged Nautilus® Advanced Capture from Fiserv to automate and streamline its scanning process, resulting in increased operational efficiency, complete document files and the elimination of scanning backlogs.

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Granite State Credit Union Case Study

An automated review and approval process enabled by Nautilus® from Fiserv helps Granite State Credit Union to pay vendors faster and spend far less staff time and resource on the task.

Download the case study


The Value of Case Management in Financial Services

The term "case management" describes how social services organizations manage workload and track open staff and accountholder requests. With case management, financial institutions can improve accountholder satisfaction and retention, lower risk, and gain efficiency.

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Justifying Process Automation in Banking: Four Business Areas That Are Prime Targets

Financial institutions have embraced technology to help drive new business, improve customer service, reduce costs and become more competitive. Yet many financial institutions still rely on paper-driven processes. It's time for business process automation.

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