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The lending environment has become increasingly complex in the wake of Wall Street reforms and legislation designed to protect consumers and private investors. Lenders and loan servicers are bombarded with new requirements that are not supported by traditional lending processes. Financial institutions need a document automation solution that complements their existing lending systems and simplifies the regulatory compliance, loan origination and servicing processes. 

LoanComplete is a life-of-loan suite that supports compliance with complex government regulations and automates time-consuming processes. It integrates with existing loan and compliance systems, no matter what types of loans your bank processes. It efficiently captures and retains content, compares and routes data, and tracks documents to minimize loan processing time, improve portfolio value and reduce lender exposure. It eliminates ad hoc processing and can help financial institutions comply with current policies and regulations for each loan your bank services.

Providing standardized loan workflow processes for loan origination services, regulatory compliance, secondary market sales and quality control, LoanComplete minimizes loan processing time, improves the loan review process and can help ensure the quality of each loan to reduce the risk to your bank. Our solution also includes pipeline management dashboards and loan reporting so your bank's management team can do workload balancing, measure processor performance and access metrics and analytics.

Working within your financial institution's specific business environment, our solution gives you greater control of your expanding loan processes. As part of the Fiserv Enterprise Content Management solution, LoanComplete helps streamline critical loan processes to improve your business operations.



LoanComplete simplifies loan origination and servicing in today's increasingly complex lending environment. It delivers a solution that combines standardized workflow processing with enterprise content management and customized data analytics. Its features include:

  • Configurable process workflow engine to tailor standardized workflows to best meet the unique needs of your bank's operations
  • At-a-glance views of all available loan document information with intelligent document indexing and critical data extraction that allows for easy comparison
  • Comparalytics to flag data mismatches early in important processes so that your bank's staff can make corrections
  • LoanComplete Investor Delivery to automatically export and deliver electronic loan files to the appropriate recipients based on business rules you configure for expedited loan processing and servicing
  • LoanComplete LoanTracker interface that centrally stores documents electronically and categorizes and tracks loan portfolio content for all channels of lending to ensure up-to-date information delivery
  • LoanComplete FHA Delivery to stage, validate and transmit loan documentation in an industry-standard format to the Federal Housing Administration, as necessary

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LoanComplete™ from Fiserv is a life-of-loan solution suite that ensures compliance and automates time-consuming processes through enhancements to your existing loan origination, loan servicing and regulatory compliance systems.

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