TrackPoint™ from Fiserv enables organizations to track and trace any asset type - including checks and currency, credit card receipts, loan applications, tax returns and passports - across the enterprise.



Your organization must account for myriad assets while they're in transit, in process and in storage. These assets, including those with monetary value or security and confidentiality considerations, often pass through the hands of multiple customers and vendors as they travel through different office locations and even internal departments. The challenge is to provide real-time visibility of each asset's location, whether it's currency or stock certificates, sensitive customer documents like account statements or other types of accountable mail. With TrackPoint, your institution can track any asset type at any point in the delivery cycle - lowering the risk of financial loss and damage to your bank's reputation caused when assets go missing. 

TrackPoint is a robust, Web-based track and trace system that streamlines the delivery management process to reduce expenses, minimize errors and improve customer service. This asset tracking tool uses bar code scanning, electronic signature capture capabilities and Web services to track, trace and report on any item shipped within or outside of your organization. TrackPoint is built on a scalable, easy-to-use, platform that automates otherwise manual counting, verifying, logging and reporting processes.

TrackPoint can read any UPC bar code and take advantage of your existing labels and inventory tags. It supports multiple devices, asset types, currencies and languages to meet your organization's enterprise requirements.

As a fully integrated component of the Fiserv Cash and Logistics product suite, TrackPoint offers a solution for making true end-to-end tracking a reality for your organization.



TrackPoint is an advanced asset tracking, deposit tracking and service level agreement (SLA) monitoring system that optimizes your end-to-end shipment and delivery oversight capabilities. It delivers the automation and control necessary to reduce expenses and increase accountability. Its features include:

  • Real-time visibility to both the location and "point in process" for any item to create enterprise transparency for management and compliance initiatives
  • Multi-asset tracking capabilities for items with monetary value or security and privacy considerations to mitigate your institution's risk of financial loss or damage to its reputation
  • Proactive system alerts for late or out-of-standard items to reduce the losses associated with float, SLA penalties and other processing fines
  • Sophisticated electronic data and signature collection so your institution can verify the delivery and transfer of ownership for all accountable items
  • Robust automation that monitors internal controls, facilitates the separation of duties and tracks proof of progress to support critical governmental compliance initiatives such as Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel II
  • Support for any currency, language or industry around the world to accommodate your institution's geographic expansion and international operations

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TrackPoint™ from Fiserv provides an advanced enterprise-wide track and trace system that optimizes your end-to-end shipment and delivery oversight capabilities. It delivers the automation and control required to reduce expenses and increase both internal and external accountability.

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