Maximize the earnings potential of your bank's non-earning assets without risk or impacting customers with the ReserveLink™ deposit reclassification solution from Fiserv.



Financial institutions face intense competition for new and existing customers. They must exceed customers' expectations for the latest self-service technologies and they are riding the waves of unpredictable markets. These conditions wear away at a bank's expected profitability, forcing financial institutions to seek new revenue streams. Your bank can generate additional investment income by enhancing the management of its reserve requirements and non-earning assets.

ReserveLink is an advanced deposit reclassification system that maximizes your bank's earning potential for non-earning assets. It sweeps transaction account balances into non-transaction accounts, transforming otherwise idle funds into an earning asset for your financial institution, no matter how big or how small. ReserveLink evaluates the balance in each transaction master account and then transfers funds based on established rules and balance thresholds. It provides your bank with more investable funds at lower operational costs by automatically analyzing accounts, sweeping funds and reporting.

ReserveLink is completely compliant with Federal Reserve rulings and letters. The system tracks daily, weekly and monthly movements to and from accounts automatically, with a limit of six sweeps per month in compliance with Federal Reserve Regulation D. For compliance reporting, it contains seven standard reports that detail information at both summary and in-depth levels.

As a fully integrated solution within the Fiserv Cash and Logistics product suite, ReserveLink is used by more than 200 financial institutions of all asset sizes to improve their profitability without risk and without impacting their customers.



ReserveLink is a multiplatform software tool that allows your bank to reduce its reserve requirements and expand investment income. It helps establish a process that eliminates the need to maintain balances in accounts at the Federal Reserve. ReserveLink features include:

  • Automatic adjustments of individual account thresholds that provide higher and more stable reserve sweep percentages
  • Multiplatform/DDA system portability that enables your bank to migrate to or acquire new DDA systems
  • Automatic interest accrual tracking that enables full compliance with Federal Reserve requirements
  • Maintenance of both a demand deposit or NOW account and a money market deposit account that identically matches the Federal Reserve's defined account structures
  • Independent master file and full sub-ledger reporting for balancing that does not require modification to existing posting systems
  • Checklist of legal and regulator issues with recommendations on how to address each to enable complete compliance with Federal Reserve sweep guidelines
  • The most robust reserve sweep technology on the market with complete transparency to customers

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Used by more than 200 financial institutions of all asset sizes, ReserveLink™ from Fiserv maximizes the earnings potential of your non-earning assets without risk and without impacting customers.

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MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Case Study

MIDFLORIDA Credit Union’s deposit reclassification system was failing, but they worked with Fiserv to implement ReserveLinkTM on the same weekend it had planned a conversion to the DNA® from Fiserv account processing platform.

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